The American


The American™ SpiritCape is a wearable flag made from high quality nylon. It features authentic cut and sewn stripes, dense embroidered stars, reinforced stitching, and a sport zipper.

Size Guide

SpiritCape is unisex and runs a little large..if you're normally in-between two sizes, get the smaller one.


Ships in 10 days.

Returns / Exchanges

Let us know within 10 days if your SpiritCape is the wrong size or didn't meet expectations. If your SpiritCape arrived damaged, please send a picture within 24 hours.

Safety, bc lawyers

SpiritCape is 99% nylon..which comes from oil. If you're concerned this might irritate your skin or cause other health side effects, don't buy this product.

Also, nylon is semi-impermeable, which means it does not breathe very well. Be wary of overheating, suffocating, and drowning.

Finally, there are probably other risks and unintended consequences we have missed. Buy this product at your own caution and don't be dumb :)