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privacy policy

Your information is yours and we have great respect for it. We use your information internally to give you the best experience we can. If we have to, we share as little information as necessary when using outside service providers to help run We won't spam you with newsletters and updates or sell your information to advertisers. We try has hard as possible to protect your information from hackers, but they are smart bastards and might breach our efforts. If your information is abused by an employee, service provider, hacker, or other person or entity, we will pursue all legal action and notify you as soon as possible.

Terms of Use

Making a great experience for you is our most important priority. We work as hard as we can to satisfy reasonable customers. Help us make it great for everyone by using common sense and don't hack or steal our stuff. In short, be cool and follow the golden rule.

flag code

For clear and simple marketing, we describe SpiritCape as a wearable flag. The truth is, SpiritCapes are not repurposed flags, but garments built from scratch. We hope this doesn't ruin the magic for anyone while removing concern for others. Not satisfied? This may help.

intellectual property

SpiritCape® is embodied in its intellectual property including patents, trademarks, tradedress, and copyrights. The following is a non-exhaustive list of SpiritCape's intellectual property. The absence of intellectual property from this list does not constitute a waiver of SpiritCape’s rights. SpiritCape's intellectual property may not be used or reproduced, even with citation, without explicit consent.

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